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Group Seflie

Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS)

Job Summary

The Disease Intervention Specialist prevents and reduces reportable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, in Northern Indiana.

As the Disease Intervention Specialist you will:

  • Receive and manage reportable STDs;

  • Identify, locate, notify and refer the sex partners of persons infected or potentially infected with sexually transmitted disease(s) for examination and/or treatment;

  • Provide counseling, testing and referral services;

  • Engage in community education and health promotion;

  • Provide test results by phone;

  • Communicate with area providers to receive information relevant to patients;

  • Utilize computer systems to input required information


Minimum Qualifications/Transferable Skills*:

  • As the Disease Intervention Specialist, you will also work in a culturally appropriate manner with each of the populations most affected by STDs and HIV.

  • Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade

  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred but not required

  • Possession of, or the ability to obtain, a certificate of training in Introduction to Sexually Transmitted Disease Intervention

  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check and be allowed access to jail, corrections and prison settings

  • Possession or the ability to obtain an appropriate and valid driver license

  • Public Health Science skills - ability to understand basic epidemiology and disease transmission concepts and explain medical and health information accurately and understandably to clients with low health literacy

  • Ability to work with sexually explicit material, including visiting sexually explicit web sites and attending events at bars or clubs in a sexually charged atmosphere

  • Ability to work with communities affected by sexually transmitted infections in a professional and non-judgmental manner including working with men that have sex with men, injection drug users, people of color and youth

  • Effective communication skills in working with patients, community members, and co-workers. Communication must be effective, positive and respectful, and include skills such as active listening, empathy, courtesy, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to assist patients and community incorporate health care recommendations and appropriately modify health behaviors

  • Ability to create trust with the clients, community members, and co-workers. One aspect of creating trust is to offer meaningful access and equal quality to individuals from the cultural and linguistic population served, based on an understanding of each population's distinct needs

  • Ability to demonstrate competency in use of computer for internet partner notification, internet searches, and email; entering information into the STD DIS database for case management reporting

  • Must be able to pass the Center for Disease Control and Prevention course "Introduction to Sexually Transmitted Disease Intervention" and become certified as a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) within probationary period

  • Must be able to pass a phlebotomy course and draw blood as part of daily job performance

  • All resumes and candidates interviewed will be selected by the Indiana State Department of Health.

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